Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1st Pilipinas FJ Summit™

Conquer Pilipinas FJ Summit™ Challenge on April 29-30, 2017 at Jose Rizal Plaza, Calamba City Hall in Calamba Laguna. It is a uniquely designed off-road course that was created to test the prowess of the FJ Cruiser and its driver. Feast on 100 or more FJ Cruisers, including yours, that will be displayed on the Summit Day. “The main attraction of the Summit will be the convergence of as many FJ. 

Cruisers that can be accommodated in the 4-hectare Summit grounds. If the FJ Cruiser is a reflection of the personality or lifestyle of its owner, be prepared to encounter as many permutationsof the FJ Cruiser as there will be Summit Delegates,” shares Philippine FJ Cruisers Club. President, Atty. Numeriano Rodriguez, Jr. 

As an official Summit Delegate, you will have the opportunity to meet and befriend fellow FJ Cruiser owners and enthusiasts from all over the country. It will be a whole day of fun and fellowship that will culminate with a Pilipinas FJ Summit™ party in the evening.

Head on at . The Pilipinas FJ Summit™ is organized by the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club, Inc. It heralds the first of a series of Buhayani Festival Events organized by the City Government of Calamba to commemorate our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The Buhayani is Calamba City’s annual festival celebrating its history and heroes, both historic and contemporary.

Exchange notes with your new FJ friends. Ask questions, technical or otherwise, about their FJ Cruiser, their upgrades and modifications, their experiences about certain brands or parts you have been curious about, plus their off-road experiences. 

Listen to those who have “been there, done that” about their FJ. Talk and share your own adventures too.

Avail of big Summit discounts from the major suppliers and distributors of the best after-market parts and accessories for your FJ Cruiser. They will be there to make your dreams come true and with big discounts. 

Pilipinas FJ Summit™ 2017 will be a family event. It is open to the public and will have something for everyone, even for non-FJ Cruiser owners. Part of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the various socio-civic projects of the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club. For more information, please contact 09178636375, plus Facebook: FJcruisersPH and Instagram: @fjcruisersph.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Everyday Life by Zojirushi

Zojirushi, the leading Japanese home and kitchen lifestyle brand which has been a partner of many households all over the world, is re- launchingin the Philippines

Design with a simple yet powerful slogani in mind: Inspiration from Every Life, this global Japanese brand known for quality products since 1918,has established itself as a top manufacturer of vacuum bottles and has continued to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make life more comfortable and convenient. Although much has changed and life styles have become varied, this brand's philosophy of "creating a quality of life" continues to be reflected in its products and services.
This year, products that will surely give us a sense of satisfaction and contentment are being launched by Zojirushi such as the Induction Heating Rice Cooker which includes heat directly to the molecular structure of rice resulting into better tasting rice. With its different pre-set rice settings (including the GABA brown rice option), timet feature and Extended Keep Warm function, convenience and comfort is surely at helm in the kitchen.
The micro- computerized ( Micom) Rice Cookers, which boast of a top and bottom heating elements feature, has 5 stages of cooking rice, namely Soaking, Heating, Cookin, Final Touch, and steaming. It also has different pre-set rice setting (White, Brown, Mixed, Porrige, Sweet, Sushi), a timer feature to easily cook while you're away and the Extended Keep Warm function.
Then there is Zojirushi's airpots and handy pots. They are most reliable and effiecient with its double walled glass vacuum insulation ensuring heat is preserved. What's more? It is no-electrict but can preserve heat for up 24 hours allowing huge saving on electricity. It comes with a safety lock for most models and 360 swivel for some.
Taking lunch to work or school is so convenient with Zojirushi's new line of lunch jars. With its vacuum insulated stainless steel construction, heat is easily preserved keeping your food hot for to 12 hours. Most models come with bags and chopsticks and has a numberof layers for varying consumer needs.
Tumblers are also a favorite among Zojirushi patrons as beverages stay in their preferred temperature for up to 24 hours, hot or cold. They come in a variety of colors and designs that are niot only chic also functional. A special stainless coating has been applied to these tumbler to them corrosio, dis coloration, and odor.
Zojirushi products are available in most leading department stores nationwide ( SM HOME, SM Appliance, Abenson, Robinsons Department Store, Rustan's, The Landmark, Anson's and many more) with a showroom at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade. For more information, please visit and follow Zojirushi Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pampering with Diana Stalder and Masquerade party

As  a mom and a business woman, a lots of resposibility  everyday..Ill always give myself to pampering specially my face..and when I need to pamper myself specially to my face Diana Stalder is take care of my skin.
Last February 10, 2017, I tried the new product of dS it is a mask from spain.
All the Casmara facial masks contain algae and sea weeds+ other botanical extracts  specific  to the needs of the facial.

Here's the facilities at dS

Its pleasure to having me here by invited of my good friend Joy Mendiola of www.occasionsofjoy.
The services are:
Facial Care 
Lea the girl of dS who take care of my beautiful.
I felt comportable and relaxation
Vision; Be acknowledged ad a leading skin clinic in the country 
Mission: Provide customers with the leading skin cate treatments, quality products and excellent service. 
I feel fresh and beautiful. 

Diane Stalder Facial and Body Care

DS Since 1996 up to present, The Diane Stalder Skincare Center has consistently delivered satisfaction to every skin it cared for. This skincare authoriiy offersa combination of excellent formulations and treatmens that cater to the geeral or customized needs of every skincare afficionado.
Diane Stalder's reputation is strengthened by its evidence- based approach iin producing better products from its own "state-of-the-art" manufacturing facilities, plus,  well- trained and experienced therapists who competently possess the knowledge and expertise in delivering quality therapies. Within the confines aof an elegant and relaxing skincare haven.
The Center was awarded as Outstanding Surgical & Skin Care Center in the Consumer's Choice Award in 2010, and was a finalist in 2007's Most Promising Filipino Franchise. It is a member of two well- respect international societies, namely, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTC) and the International Medical Spa Association. (IMSA).
Celebrating 20 Years Of Quality skincare Evolution
More than 20 years ago, Dermaline Facial Care Center sproute like a bud brimming with beauty potential, which ultimately bloomed to transform into one of the most prominent face, body, and skin care centers of today, Diana Stalder. The nameitself repsented charm and elegance, perfectly complementing itqs impressive line- up of quality skin care product that can satisfy every woman's desire for beutiful skin.mTrue to its promise, theq brand gained the confidence a broad clientele, owing to the positive results seen and felt in every skin it had cared for.
Such feat wasachieved without advertising hype, but instead, rooted from patient's positive experiences and word-of-mouth reputation.

The Promise Of A Better You...
World Class manufacturer of Cosmetics and Skin-Care Product
Our product are mostly supplied by a sister company, Stalder Laboratories FDA approved, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified company, which is compliant to the ASEAN Harmonization for Cosmetic Regulations standards. Our products are also internationally available, through selected distributors in theUS, UK, EU, Middle East, and Asia.
5th Floor SM Megamall
Edsa Corner J. Vargas Avenue.
Mobile No: +63 925-3006395
3rd floor SM City Calamba 
Tel No: ( 049) 306- 0602
Mobile No: +63 9237303738
Base 2, Gateway Mall
Araneta Center, Cubao
Tel No: (02) 3510299
Robin's Place Ilo-ilo Level 2 
Mall Exapansion space Ledesma st. 
Ilo-ilo City
Tel No: 3301554
3rd Floo, SMX North Wing
SM Bacolod City

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Omizu drinking water

Omisu BeautifyingNatural Spring Water
Omizu is the first and only beautifying bottled water in the Phillippines that is natural rich in Silica, a natural anti-aging and antioxidant mineral.This amazing beautifying drink, botteled through the most advance Japanese technology  has advance Japanese technology, has khealth benfits to repair and rejuvenate the boddu inside and out. 
To know more abaout Omisu, email at info@inryocorp

Bubbleman of my Life

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is my brand, specially for my daily needs in my business.Being a wiser businesswoman, I use Bubble Man Dishwashing liquid it is because, this is affordable and good quality.

This is great for my reffiling water station hundreds of hundreds container to wash everyday.
Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company that's available in local supermarkets nation wide. it is an eco- friendly, biodegradable product made from coconut-derived surfactant. It comes in tree (3) variants: Calamansi, Lemon and Antibac, and various Price are 270ml single P32.50 880ml single P70.00 270ml promo pack is P55.00 880ml promo packis  p130.00. It is safe and gentle on hand doesn't dry the skin; as their tagline says. Mabilis banlawan  banayad sa kamay 
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at https:// 

Follow Bubbleman at Facebook page @BubblemanPH.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite

Lily’s Peanut Butter, already 60 years in the industry, saw this rise in health consciousness, and has adapted accordingly through the peanut butter that has become a staple of many a Filipino household. People are becoming more and more aware of the health value of the things they eat and drink. And by the looks of things, this emphasis on health is becoming more than just a simple fad; health consciousness is here to stay.

After more than half a century of winning Filipino palates, Newborn Food Products Inc., the maker of Lily’s Peanut Butter, launched its newest product line, Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite, last August 14 at the Lily’s Lite in the City event, held at the Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City.

The whole-day event, hosted by athlete-turned-celebrity-host Gretchen Ho, actor-model CJ Reyes, and singer-model John Pol Dimaculangan, will feature a variety of fun activities showcasing the health and wellness-oriented direction of the Lily’s brand with the release of this latest product.

Zumba sessions, demonstrations on healthy cooking, game booths, a special performance by Pilipinas’ Got Talent finalists, the Power Impact Dancers, and many more are available to the public, add to that special raffle prizes and high-score awards for people who purchased Lily’s products at the venue.

 Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite is the first locally-produced lite peanut butter in the market. This peanut spread is made from real peanuts and stevia extract, without any of the added sugars or chemical ingredients included in many low-fat peanut butter alternatives on the market.

Stevia extract, which is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, contains naturally-occurring glycosides, which give the substance a distinct sweetness, despite having no sugar content.

This makes it ideal for today’s health-conscious eaters—from weight-watchers and people trying out low-glycemic diets to people suffering from ailments such as diabetes and hypertension—as it delivers the same creamy sweetness that has made Lily’s a favorite, without compromising consumers’ health. Taste and health don’t have to be exclusive of each other; healthy doesn’t need to be boring.

With this latest product line, Lily’s engaged itself to be an advocate of promoting healthy snacks, an advocacy that will continue to manifest in the company’s future projects and events.

As proudly stated by Arch. Ramon Pua, President/CEO of Newborn Food Products, Inc., which carries the Lily’s brand:“We don’t just aim for profit – we share heart! Lily’s Lang Talaga!”