Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"MYMP The Unreleased Acoustic Collection"

People often say "Out with the old in with the new" They talked about the latest fuss in fashion, technology and music. They are glad to hear what's new, get hooked, and then eventually get tired of it, when something more modern comes along. This has become the routine in OPM for years, until,  MYMP happened. The band helped break the " unchanging cycle of change" For years their acoustic remakes brought people even closer to wondrous hits of the past. And their lates 14- track album will surely do the same them.
Still in the run towards the title as one of the most  popular band acts of the Philippines, Makes Your Momma Proud or MYMP still does it better .Contrary to some false updates the band is strongly keeping up with all five members intact and working harder than ever. To prove such is the said release of their newest song collection

People have all been familiar to the band's acoustic show tune and pop rock approach, and  it still hasn't failed them . In this album MYMP tried to improve more on the sound, making sure each version of each revived songs introduces their music's distinctiveness over the other existing renditions. Juliet Bahala, MYMP's new vocalist , shares her  soothing performance of covers of  the greatest hits of the 90's such as THINK OF LAURA (Christopher Cross) ' TIL THEY TAKE MY HEART AWAY ( Claire Marlo),POWER OF TWO ( Emily Sa
liers ), PIANO IN THE DARK ( Brenda Russell) and BABY NOW I FOUND YOU  (John Macleod). The said songs topped the radio charts in their time and even the Filipinos' most frequent song entries in the karaoke, making the album a must-have. Others songs included are SUPERMAN, FOREVER BLUE, CRUSIN' , SOMEDAY WE'LL KNOW, DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER, BUSES and TRAINS, PEOPLE, BREAKOUT and carrier single SWAY ( Bic Runga )

Juliet Bahala was introduced on January 24,2010 as the new vocalist of MYMP on ASAP Juliet an 18 - year old regional singing champ, hails from Davao where also came from the other new members of MYMP are :Jeff Lima (drummer) , Hannche Bobis ( Keyboardist); and Ibey Haber ( Bassist) MYMP is the One of my favorite Band.

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