Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grendha Jelly Collections!

At the core of women’s fashion, you will find Grendha Jelly--- a special line where femininity, youthful flair and a romantic, sexy inspiration complements the essence of a woman. Teeming with charm and concept, this new generation of jellies have arrived bringing quality materials and top technology synonymous to comfort and beauty. That’s not the only impressive thing, though. The careful choice of colors and prints give each product a unique personality suitable for a stylish lady that is fit for everyday wear, even during rainy days!

This Grendha Jelly collection comes in a variety of colors and versatile designs, namely, Motion Desire, Romantic, Happy and Seduce that offers a day and evening footwear rolled in one. The Motion Desire line brings a certain air of sensuality bringing out the sexiness in you. The sophisticated Romantic line, on the other hand, places jellies on a higher level with its decorative stones. While Grendha Jelly Happy brings out a 1950s look with a flair of modernity, Grendha Jelly Seduce brings a conservative yet contemporary lace-like patterns that exude a fresh twist on this exciting lines.

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