Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Most Comprehensive Exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci to Tour the World

Now at The Mind Museum

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About “DA VINCI – THE GENIUS” Exhibition
• Da Vinci - The Genius is the only exhibition touring the world that offers the most comprehensive analysis and interaction with Leonardo da Vinci’s works.
 • Only Da Vinci - The Genius has exhibits that were crafted by Italian artisans from the actual Da Vinci Museum in Rome, many using the same techniques and materials from the Renaissance period and also guided by world-renowned da Vinci experts. The exhibition is supplemented with well written, authentic and interpretive information to help guests appreciate and understand the multi-faceted Genius.
• Da Vinci - The Genius has over 200 exhibit pieces:
 Immerse yourself in several themed areas: Military Engineering, Music and Optical, Renaissance Art, Hydraulic and Aquatic, Physics, Flight, Civil, Anatomy and Codices
 Encounter interactive inventions studied from the codices and built in Italy as original items. Guests can touch, push and pull many exhibits for better understanding.
 Includes life-size flying and war machines
ous works such as The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, the great Sforza Horse sculpture, with never before seen perspectives o See actual size reproductions of famous pa
Explore 3D interactive presentations of fa
mintings, including the controversial new Leonardo discovery "Bella Principessa" o Get an up-close look at Leonardo’s Codices – reproductions made in Milan, remarkably looking like originals 

 Watch a special BBC Documentary on the life of Leonardo da Vinci – The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything
• Only Da Vinci - The Genius has been in the most prestigious museums in 51 cities around the world. Cities such as:

o Baltimore, Bogota, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cali, Caracas, Des Moines, Edmonton, Florence, Kaohsiung, Kiev, Kuala Lumpur, La Paz, Las Vegas, Lima, Ljubljana, Louisville, Macau, Madrid, Manchester, Medellin, Melbourne, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Panama City, Phoenix, Portland, Regina, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Juan, Santa Ana, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, St Petersburg, Taipei, Tokyo, Venezuela, Venice, Washington DC, Winnipeg, and others.

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