Friday, October 25, 2013

Chinoy Star Ka Na

This October 25, 2013 11am to 2pm - Press Conference at Ramada Central Manila
1. Goal of the show:
  To come up with a talent reality search that aims to promote the Chinese culture and forge unity amongst       the Filipino and Chinese through Chinese songs and performing arts.

2. Partners:

  *  Chinoy TV
  *  Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila University
  *   Vehnee Saturno Music Training Center
  *  Star Records
  *  Associattion of Chinese Filipino Schools in the Philippines
  *  Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Association Inc.
  *  Lucky Chinatown

3. How To Join:

Pre- registration at the ff:
   1. Chinoy TV website/fanpage/office (Unit 1124 Tytana Plaza, Oriente St. Binondo Manila
   2. Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila University (Makati and loyola)
   3. Association of Chinese Filipino Schools in the  Philippines- 4th Floor. 410 Quintin Paredes St. Tondo,  Manila- 241-2842.
   4. Federation of Filipino Chinese Alumni Association Inc. 2nd Floor, CKSC, 1274 Padre Algue St,                    Tondo Manila 
  5. Filipino- Chinese Orgs ( DLSU Englicom, ADMU Celadon, UP-CSA, UST COMACH )
  6.Lucky Chinatown Concierge


There Will Be 5 judges coming from the Music Industry and Chinese Community who will be judging the competion.
The Competion is open to all (Chinoys and Non Chinoys) age:
MALE- 16 to 25 year old
FEMALE - 16 to 23

Paticipants should be able to sing Mandarin, English and Filipino songs.

All participants will get undergo an audition on Nov. 10, 2013, 1pm at Lucky Chinatown and we'll be picking the Top 25. They will be trimmed to 10 and they will go through training in singing, personality development, Mandarin and etc. One contestant will be eliminated every week the 5 will enter the Finals Round.

5. Prizes:

The winner will get a chance to get a recording contract from Star Records, an original Music Composition courtesy of Vehnee Saturno and many more! and for the Cash prize  first prize will get p50,000.00 for the second prize will get  p30,000.00 and for the third prize will get p20,000.00.

6. Contest Proper;

Stage1: Audition in Lucky Chinatown on Nov 10

Registration starts at 10am and audition will start by 1pm onwards.

Participants must prepare one Chinese song 9 2-3 Stanzas only and no need to sing the entire song)
 Stage 2: From 25 we cut them down to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, t0 5 and we picked the first 3 winners 

 Schedule for Auditions on November 10- for  Metro Manila at Lucky Chinatown
10am Registration, at 1pm Audition 
Jan 31, 2014- is the GRAND FINALS 

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