Thursday, April 28, 2011


INTRODUCING The HTC -Here's an idea - Take the  best and make it better -The  New HTC   Desire S is the evolution of last year's number 1 phone, tne HTC Desire.Like its predecessor, it's all about performance and reliability, helping you get things done-leaving you more time the things you love.And we've packed it all into a sleek and strong unibody design.


The Bar inside the intercon hotel

Experience the beauty of Android * Android can run multiple applications *Android Market offers over a hundred thousand apps * The Android email application supports unlimited accounts * HTC was the first manufacturer to launch an Android phone that can multiple applications simultaneously * HTC makes the best Android phones*


With my bloggers friend.

5 HTC Sense feature * Flip your phone over to silence it
*Tap on a friend and get texts,emails photos, updates and status at once. * With Quick Dialler,enter the first digits or letters and your phone starts searching for contacts *fast boot powers up your phone in under 10 seconds * HTC Skins - change your coulor scheme for buttons, menus and widget.

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