Sunday, April 7, 2013

Top 10 Telemarketing Tips

Telemarketing is not for everyone; it takes patience, tenacity and self motivation. At times, telemarketing (like any form of sales) can be an uphill struggle and can be a real challenge; however, there are some important points to bear in mind at the start of each day. 
1. Each day is a new day - Forget about the previous day, it may have been successful, it may have been hard work; starting each new day with a clean sheet will ensure that part problems do not affect the future.
2. Talk with authority - If you project authority, it will come across in your voice. People will respond to a voice of authority (as long as it is polite and courteous).
3. The receptionist is your friend - Many telemarketers fear the receptionist, however they are there to do two things, block unwanted calls and to help direct calls. By appealing to the latter, they can be very helpful.
4. Do not sell to the receptionist - Receptionists have a radar to find telemarketers, by selling to them it raises the barrier. Keep the selling for the prospect and keep the receptionist in 'helpful mode'.
5. Come to the point - People are busy and no-one likes waffle or uncertainty, When talking to a prospect, keep the call short sharp and sweet while leading them in the sales process.
6. Be aware and reactive - The sales call needs to be a mixture of relationship building and selling; if you just sell then chances are people will not buy, if you build the relationship without selling, then you have a friend and no order. Get the balance right between building rapport and getting the order.
7. Do not apologise for calling - Saying sorry (although polite) is a sign of weakness and will not help in the selling process. Be aware that your call is interrupting their day, but work this into the conversation rather than apologising.
8. Ensure the close is right - There are different closing techniques (opinion close, price close etc.) and using the wrong one at the wrong time will kill the order. Get the close right for the phone conversation.
9. Sales is about numbers - Telemarketing is a numbers game, not everyone is going to say yes. The more calls you make, the higher the chances of an order.
10. Do not take rejection personally - A no does not mean someone is rejecting you, just what you are offering. Do not take it personally, it is just business. A 'no' today could be a 'yes' tomorrow.
Telemarketing is a simple process of calling up people and treating them like you are a friend calling up for a quick chat. By being polite and attentive to their reactions and buying signals, anyone can find success in this powerful marketing method.

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