Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L de Lancel: A Bag for Elle- Pre-Launch

Elles are French women, Parisian women and – more generally – all women blessed with natural chic, with effortless elegance, with style. To them, Lancel dedicates the L. From now on, the Maison has decided to devote itself to women like this – Lancel’s heroines: Parisian icons, women of the world, women of sparkling wit. With the L, the Maison of fine leather goods – founded in 1876 – pays tribute to an attitude, to a way of being chic.

The L is intended for women who are sensual without overdoing it, reserved as opposed to shy, spiritual rather than intellectual, neo-classical yet deceptively well-behaved: women who require nothing – or rather, almost nothing – to be elegant.
That almost nothing is the hallmark of the L. But achieving it is a complex process. The L is a study in less-is-more, whose subtlety resides in the refinement of the work which brought it into being. Its origins lie in the understated chic of a vintage 1970’s model from the Maison’s archives. At that time, the fashion was for simple bags with a timeless functionality. It has provided Lancel with an ideal foundation to display the leather working savoir-faire, high quality leathers and purity of design which epitomize the Maison. Today, this neoclassical spirit is represented by Lancel’s new model, the L: a large size bag which encapsulates the Maison’s new direction.

ith the L, there is less decoration, fewer accessories and no jewelry. Nothing but the discrete emblem of two L-shaped metal clasps.
The L evokes legendary Parisian figures like Anouk Aimée in Claude Lelouch’s 1966 film A Man and a Woman, or the timeless style of Jackie Kennedy. Jacqueline Bisset and Charlotte Rampling are further incarnations of the distinctly Parisian femininity to which Lancel pays homage.

The L ushers in a new era for the Maison: a return to the essentials, to the foundations of the style incarnated by these icons of elegance, to a distinctly Parisian sense of chic.
The L is crafted in calf’s leather from the best Italian tanneries: its quality is another sign of the desire to set new standards.
A movable interior pocket is part of its DNA, but it remains a secret detail, known only to the woman who wears it.

For what distinguishes the L is its discretion. Like the clean lines and impeccable drape of a perfectly cut evening jacket, it is an affair of invisible details. This understated luxury has already made the L a cult object. Lancel: 6 letters that define a new sense of luxury and the subtle charm of today’s bourgeoisie.
The small L is more compact, more insolent, yet retains all the preppy charm of its sister model. With its strap fully extended, it exudes a uniquely 1970’s style. As on the larger model, its flap has L-shaped metal clasps at each corner, subtly denoting its Lancel pedigree. With a shortened strap, the small L may be worn on the shoulder, beneath the arm.

It too contains a movable pocket, enabling essential items to be kept apart. Its workmanship and fine leathers conform to the same high standards. Like the larger model, it is lined with microsuede. The small L will also be available in precious leather versions.

The large size XL exists in a several leathers and colours. Crafted from richly textured smooth calf’s leather – processed at the finest Italian tanneries and bathed in a deep dye –the large size is graced with a timeless elegance, a style both smart and serene. The Lancel signature is suggested by the unique discretion of simple L-shaped metal clasps – a far cry from logos and monograms. It is thus in keeping with the new spirit of the Maison of fine leather goods: luxury that speaks in a whisper.

The L de Lancel is exclusively available at Lancel’s boutique on the 2nd floor of Shangri-la Plaza.

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