Monday, October 31, 2011

PERSIA GRILL Food tasting!!!

Want to try something new?  This place is Located . At  Pasong Tamo, Makati. 
Persia Grill They Have six Branches already 

 A Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kian Kazemi  he joined the realitytelevision show in 2007. But before that, he used to do commercials, such as Wilkins and Century Tuna, to name a few. Meeting Kian at the newest branch of Persian Grill, located at G/F Ecoplaza Bldg., 2305 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, is such an honor.

Last October 27, 2011, We invited to food tasting at Persia Grill, through Joy Mendiola, I am lucky one Who to join this special event. Kian Kazemi the owner of this restaurant we meet and greet him, We interviewed what is he did when if it is  he do not have a project in ABS CBN. According to him He focus to his Restaurant and his Young age of 25 years old he has already 6 branches of Persia Grill. this is a Family Business, I noticed if what he did while We are their in his restaurant.He served in the costumers.According to him he started from his own Idea. Accidental We Had a three Friends Birthday names, Jen and Beda for October and Honey for this  Nov.

The food that we taste!!!

Appetizer "Peshgahza" family Php359, junior Php199

Peshgahza is the combination of all 4 dips. The dips are Salad Oliveyeh (potato, chicken, egg, mayonnaise, lemon and olive oil), Hummus (High in fiber velvety chick peas, tahini and garlic dip), Baba Ganoush (freshly roasted eggplant with garlic, tahini, fresh lemon, and olive oil), Must O'Khiar (Classic cucumber, garlic, and Persian Yogurt dip).Peshgahza served with pita bread.

Feta Cheese with Pita Bread Php165

Creamy Yogurt Shake Php70

Wow this shake is I really Like it, its so delicious I love it, this is  homemade yogurt. 

Are you ready for the great Kebabs!

Chelo Kebab Kubideh Php 225

2 skewers of grilled ground beef, over a third of a pound prepared with Persian spices.

Chelo  Kebab Tikka Php225

2 skewers of grilled chicken breast fillet marinated with Persian spices and herbs.

Chelo Kebab Morg Php225

2 skewers of grilled chicken breast fillet marinated with Persian spices and herbs.

Chelo Kebab Combination Php230

2 skewers of your choice of grilled Beef Kebab (Kubideh),
Chicken Tikka or Morg (breast fillet).

If you want to experience great restaurant with their food, visit the Persia Grill at Eco Plaza Bldng. Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati city. 

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