Saturday, September 3, 2011

SOYAMI Soya Chips for the Healthier Youth and Kids

Young adults are known for living on a diet of fast food, junk food, sodas and alcohol. Body image issues and self-esteem are influential in what and how they eat. Pulling in all-nighters of heavy partying and drinking on a regular basis are high on their list of priorities for reasons of acceptance and fitting in with their peers. They abuse their bodies in all the wrong sense, thinking that their ripe, young age is a VIP pass which permits them to do anything as they please.

Many Health Benefits Of Soy
By Idella Ward
Soy is not just for vegans and vegetarians. Research shows soy has many health giving properties. It is also suggested by research that compounds found in soy-rich foods may reduce the effects of certain diseases. Most Americans do not eat a proper diet. This is proven by our overall health. We have been called an obese nation. Why not investigate the health potential of soy foods.

 Almost all soy products are high in calcium, which helps you keep strong bones in your body.  It also contains 2 co-factors of calcium. These 2 supplements are magnesium and boron. Soy products also contain isoflavones. These can prevent the destruction of bones in our bodies. Soy is also a great food to prevent osteoporosis or even benefit you if you already have it. Soy also increases mineral density inside your bones that can limit your chances of broken bones or fractures.

High in protein and fiber, Soyami Soya chips is a perfectly light snack that’s deliciously low in fat, sodium and calories. It’s made from 100% real soya. No MSG. No Trans fat. Non-GMO.

Try the three exciting flavors- Soyami Soya Chips Original, Pizza and White Cheddar.

Soyami Soya Chips Oiginal

Soyami Soya Chips Pizza


Soyami Soya Chips White Cheddar 

Soyami Soya Styx Chili- this really good styx that I taste ever, It's better to match the Coffee we can eat also in Merienda time. One night i cooked century tuna with egg and I don't eat rice. Soya Styx is good to be partner of that Viand specially to those people they don't wan't to eat rice this is better for your diet.

Soyami Soya Styx Garlic

Actual Cooking Demo by Chef Nadine together Apple Morales,
 The owner of Active Fun and The healthier chips Soyami Chips and Styx.

Sneaky Tuna Nuggets!

Mimi, Me and Joy At Active Fun taken during The Cooking Demo event! It's Honor to be  part of this Beautiful event and more learned how to prepare "Baon", in easy way.

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