Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ms. United Nations (recycle contest)

This is what I did to these plenty's of BASURA,  When my daughter  join the Ms. U. N. contest  where in  all the  Contestant bring all Recycle. I am happy,  not just to join Moreen the contest I am happy because,  I thought all the KALAT  inside my house I can disposed it and also My friends all out support  and I would like  a million million  thanks  JOY, BEDAI MIMI and PAPA J until the end their always helped me and of course thanks to Jing, Jen and Honey thank you  for your helped guys!  and also to all neighborhoods.

The Coronations, That was October 7, 2011 and  She got 2nd Runner Up.

A day before last canvassing 

After Coronation together with her classmates

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