Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ETON International School

Most parents, including me, find themselves asking questions such as: Why am I not happy with my child's learning pace? How can my child meet my expectation? And how can I teach my child without us having to argue. How can I make sure that my child will be successful in the future?

Learning about ETON International School - located at 1839 Dr. Vasquez Street, Malate, Manila, with Telephone numbers: (632) 522-1003 or 526-2994 to 95, gave me hope that I can raise my children with a positive mindset of going to school. Unlike most schools, ETON is an unconventional school that adapts to the latest learning styles of each students so as to nurture children's self-esteem thus creating a self-sufficient and happy child/student. ETON uses a multifaceted curriculum and activities based on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles to help every child to reach his or her maximum intellectual as well as emotional strength.

ETON believes that there are two general processing styles: the analytical and the global. Global learners, for example, absorb new knowledge faster in an environment with soft lighting and non-traditional seating. Analytic learners, on the other hand, learns best in an environment with bright light and traditional seating positions. ETON's curriculum also uses the Learning Styles to provide guides for effective teaching strategies, through assessment of the students' preferred modalities of perception: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. Every year, students discover their own learning styles by taking a Learning Styles Assessment Test - results are known in a few minutes. Because of this, teachers adapt the needs and learning preferences of their students based on the test. ETON also encourages parents to take the definitive assessment test so they can also understand the similarities and differences of learning styles between themselves and their children, this in turn makes it easier for the parent to adapt to the learning style of his or her child.

ETON's Classrooms are comparable to international schools worldwide. All are air conditioned with security cameras, computers and LCD projectors . They also have Swimming Pool, Music Room, Interfaith Room, Science Laboratory, Basketball Court,  Canteen and Preschool Outdoor Play Area.

Special thanks to Eton website for the 3 photos used here

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