Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hidden Place at Virgin Paradise Garden and Resort

I been here a long time ago, way back 2010. The last time I've came here is not like this. I called this is "Gubat", It is because theres a lot of grass and I've  seen here its only A sweet potato and banana trees. No any of Plants like this. 

Welcome to Virgin Paradise Garden and Resort!

The Annaw tree is our Pambansang Dahon in Our country, It reminds me when I was young, when I'm in my Province. I remember before the roof of our House is Annaw. I love Annaw.

We're here at Falls!
I'm with my Sister este My eldest daughter, Ellaine and my Cousin's Reymond Arcilla - the owner . It's Beautiful Place, it so relaxing. It is nice for Unwind.
My Favorite Buko, hinde ako uuwi hangga't hinde ako nag papa- akyat at nakakain ng Buko.

Located at San Martin De Porres at Boso Boso Antipol Rizal.

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