Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mom's On Floor event and Best Shot at Life


October 13, 2012 - Mommy Mundo, the country's go-to resourcesfor active, modern moms is hosting the third MOMS ON THE FLOOR events. Moms on the floor is a one -of- a - kind learning and bonding activity for the whole family. All the activities are done with the participants "'on the floor" for relaxation and also for active fun promoting fitness.

The first portion offers prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban and labor and breathing exercise by Rome Kanapi for expectant moms. 

The Second Portion offers mom and baby exercises by Gymboree and infant massage by Rome Kanapi for moms with infants.  Where we belong in this portion Me and My 4 months old baby, he enjoying the colorful decoration..

And last 
Portion offers Yogakids by Michelle Aventajado and Zumba fun by Slimmers World for moms with kids 1 to 6 years old.
Moms on the floor is co- represented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, and Cordlife Cord Philippines. Also supported By Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Philips Avents, Crystal Clear, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, Gynboree, Slimmers World and media partners Manila Bulletin, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Baby on Board, Urban Magazine,Mommy Pages, Crossover 105.1 and the Lifestyle Network.

For many years now, Mommy Mundo has also been advocating child vaccination. Since 2010 they have partnered with GlaxoSmithKline in promoting free vaccination programs. to deepen that commitment, Mommy Mundo has desinated a pages in their website for this cause.

The page is aptly entitle Best Shot at Life offers information on how parents can ensure the wellness of their kids through vaccination and healthy living. It is also has disease prevention tools such as guide on diseases, an immunization schedule calculator and a clinic finder.in addition, you can also as "Tita Doc" for vaccination- related guestions.

Janice Crisostomo - Villanueva, the founder of Mommy Mundo shares "with Mommy Mundo", as you know, we have many advocacies we are passionate about healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, mompreneurship, active parenting -and part of our active parenting advocacyis our passion to promote vaccination awareness to our community of moms and moms to be. We arew so thankful to have gotten support from GSK in this project -our vaccination portal will be the source of information for the general public on news on vaccination, diseases information.

To know about Best Shot at Life, Visit http://www.mommymundo.com/vaccinate.

 Actual happened at Moms on the Floor here's the  Photos!

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