Monday, October 15, 2012

The Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Wall Climbing

Have you ever tried wall climbing? If so, you must have felt the exhilaration of conquering the heights while combining physical strength, dexterity and will power to reach the “last rock”. What a feeling of accomplishment you must have felt when you looked down on the 25 feet of height you lorded over. Wall climbing, indeed, is truly one of the most rewarding sports to try. Besides its physical benefits, it gives you a spiritual high as well. 

Did you know that wall climbing:

1.       Tones muscles. The sport requires both flexibility and stamina as your feet push up your body and your hands reach for the next rock for support. When your muscles harden and stretch simultaneously as it tries to support your weight against gravity, you start to develop great muscle tone.

2.       Promotes cardiovascular health. This activity is strenuous exercise. It positively stresses the heart and gets it pumping. Wall climbing lets your heart and organs deliver blood efficiently as it deepens your breathing.

3.       Aids in weight loss. Wall climbing gives you a total body workout. It targets the chest, back, arms, and legs as it improves your metabolism. In fact, it has been found to burn around 400 calories an hour at moderate intensity!

4.       Improves focus. Your mind gets its share of exercise as you plan your route, develop laser-like focus on the task at hand, and become aware of your body responses. On another plane, wall climbing helps you practice on finishing despite difficulties.

5.       Fosters a sense of accomplishment. When you compete against another climber or just overcome your fears, wall climbing makes you feel powerful especially when you get to the top. A good climb always boosts your confidence as you discover the joy in pushing beyond your limits.

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