Thursday, November 15, 2012

LEG LOVE Pre Launch

For decades now, Manila Bay Hosiery Mills Inc. (MBHMI), makers of Leg Love by City Lady and Elements by Gold Toe has continuously evolved its design spectrum to meet the demands of the Philippine hosiery market.  A few seasons ago it has launched a series of designer socks and stockings to further strengthen its position as the market leader in fashion hosiery in the country.  This season, MBHMI is once again showcasing four diverse designers that will add flavour  to the Philippine fashion palette.

The winner of this year’s Mega Young Designers - Renan Pacson is making waves in the fashion industry with his love of street style and interesting mix of materials.  

This season he has created his first collection for Leg Love I Love Hue. 

The UP Diliman alumnus was inspired by the feeling of being young, which he wanted to celebrate with bursts of colours. 

Renan took his collection to a new plane by taking his inspiration from three different patterns that evoke his youth.

 By combining pressed fossilized flowers, melted crayons and confetti his collection is a myriad of fresh new patterns and colours.  The celebration of Hue-th is truly a Renan Pacson signature. 

Multi awarded Pablo Cabahug is back for his second season as the featured designer of City Lady’s Leg Love Designer Series.  Departing from his well-received Pintados collection, he wanted to evoke more emotion than geometric patterns this season.  

The Central St. Martins educated designer drew inspiration from the emotions of a black widow.  His patterns became bolder and stronger which has become his new aesthetic.  

The collection gives a new twist to women who command power and are strong willed and does not compromise when it comes to fashion.  Pablo Cabahug encapsulates wearable emotion with his collection for Leg Love Designer Series. 

Leg Love Designer Series by: 
        Pablo Cabahug 

Author, Host, Make-up artist, and Uber Model, Bianca Valerio continues to reinvent herself in the field of beauty and fashion.  Inspired by the glitz and glamour of her world, her collection this season is all that and more.  The use of rhinestones and crystals lends the wearer the illusion of a longer leg and little surprises that titillates the eyes with sparkles. Leg Love Couture line is directed to the fun and sophisticated woman that doesn’t mind being a little adventurous with her fashion.  Little curiosities like an arabesque pattern on the ankle add the right spice to the woman that wears Leg Love Couture.  

Self-confessed sock hoarder Ferdi Salvador is back with his second installation for Elements by Gold Toe.  Travel has become a big factor in his design process which he uses to translate the street preps of London, the conservative but fun “suits” of Hong Kong, and the colorful palette of Barcelona’s laid back fashion culture. But more than that he is inspired by his sock loving friends like Martin Wisniewski, Enrique Lopez, Enrique Yupangco, Siggy Manglapus, and David Celdran to mention a few that are leaders in their industry but are not afraid to be fashionable and add that fun twist with their - SOCKS.  From subtle polka dots to mondrianesque patterns, Elements by Ferdi Salvador gives you another season of wearable fun and fashion that is forward.      

Leg Love by City Lady and Elements by GOLDTOE are available at SM Accessories and other leading department stores nationwide and online at  and

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