Friday, August 22, 2014

It's my 39th Birtday!

Before anything else, I would like to thanks my kumare, my friend lea lea lea for her effortless to made this a simple gift is make a colorful for me.Thank you mare, for making a smile  so much appreciation            

"maligayang kaarawan, girl! Anong feeling ng 31? Kelan ka papa tahong at ice"?
greetings coming from my partner in crimes in all times. My friend, my girl, my mare and my mentor Joy Mendiola thank you so much girl! and also to my ate NUTS, Nora Aquino, Thank you, I have more lessons got coming from you... where ever you are right now I'll always remember you, specially   your advises I'll never forget, Joy and NutsThanks  both of you! 

Surround our self with a great support system with our family and friends- Keep our self surrounded from every side with positive-minded, healthy people who are in our team. People who will care for, support, love, respect and appreciate you.And that's our family and friends!

To Complete my Happiness because of my family...
 A simple surprised gift from my love ones is make me smile and happy

It's my 39th birthday one year to go i'll be turning 40th! excited to become a 40th? hmmm...                     I don't think so.

"The body has to store emotional energy somewhere. Face your feelings, express them healthfully, and what ever you do, stop stuffing them down into an oozing, black hole of ill health".

To all my friends, relatives and my family,,. who remember  me on my birthday..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You have added my memorable moment on  my special day!  from the bottom of my heart thanks to all who gave the time to post my time line to greet me  to PM me. I am so blessed for having you ALL in my life!

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