Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All-Natural Ultimate White Facial by Flawless

The All-Natural Ultimate White Facial is the country’s first facial treatment that uses a combination of natural exfoliators, antioxidants and whitening agents to lighten the skin and treat hyperpigmentations, photodamage and premature aging.
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The All-Natural Ultimate White Facial makes use of two powerful ingredients that not only lighten and rejuvenate the skin but help improve its clarity and texture as well—Dunaliella Seaweed and Gigawhite. A unique alga endemic to the Dead Sea,

Dunaliella Seaweed is known to contain almost every amino acid that exist in nature and is a powerful skin anti-aging tool, while Gigawhite is a safe skin lightening agent used as a natural alternative to hydroquinone, the world's currently reigning number one skin lightening active. Kojic Acid and Vitamin C is also used in this treatment to further boost its skin lightening and anti-aging effects.

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