Monday, March 9, 2015

A mother's first embrace, her baby' first breath

The First Embrace refers to immediate skin-to-skin contact shortly after the baby is born. this simple act of love transfers life saving warmth, placenta blood and protective bacteria from the mother to the newborn, it also has the added benefit of promoting a natural bond between mother and child that improves the condition of all babies including those who premature, stick or born by caesrean sectio.
throuhg colustrum, the first milk secerted from the mothre's breast, newborns are provided essential nutrients, antibodies and immune cells to protect them against diseases. Mothers can initiate exclusive breastfeeding when feeding cues from their babies occur such as drooling, tonguing, rooting, and biting or fingers.
Routine care for the baby such as providing Vitamin K, eye prophylaxis, immunizations, complete examination and weighing should be done after the first breastfeeding is completed. Bathing should be delayed until 24 hours after birth, Care for newborns should be given in the proper sequence given their fragile state.
The World Health Organization or WHO launch these big event, First Embrace specially here in the Philippines. Some of Doctors and respective people are attend of this event.
Hosted by Cristine Bersola - Babao 

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