Friday, July 24, 2015

Platinumr Karaoke introduces it's "BIRIT" Ambassadors Vice Ganda And Angeline Quinto

Platinum Karaoke, makersof high  definition karaoke machines and accessories perfect for every home, recently launched its two new exciting products MAJOR HD10 and BRAVO together with the introduction ot two very talented BIRIT ambassodors at a fun and lively event recently held at the luxent  
Hotel in Quezon City.

An amazing brand that is sure to bring about fun and enjoyment just like how the event turned out,
Platinum Karaoke offers thousands of songs, high-definition video and images, very affordable and up to date upgrade, and excellent sound quality.
Introduced during the affair were the two new Platinum Karaoke models. The first is the HD wireless Bravo which boasts of excellent high-definition sound, quarterly song updates, multimedia playback, 
multiple HD video backgrounds and is highlighted by over 6,600 OPM and English Songs, among others. Bravo also has a remarkable portability feature as it comes with its own carrying case that can be taken whereever, whenever. It has high-resolution image and background videos of nature. international MTVs and clips as well as animated 3D characters.
The MAJOR HD-10 Karaoke, on the other hand, is not just a Karaoke system but a full entertainment package in itself. MAJOR is equipped with high- end specifications which include dual core processor. 1TB Hards Disk Drive storage. creating a reliable and very powerful karaoke player. MAJOR prides itself with innovative multimedia functions that enable the user to play, store,edit and copy any media files in the karaoke player acting as a  madia console at the time.
Platinum Karaoke also has its own advanced recording studio to program all songs as close to the original. Every high- end and mid-level unit is programmed with live-recorded back ground vocals and the Training Song Technology, which is an automaticfunction wherein pre- recorded vocals are played to guide user on the rigth vocals and tone to hit as the song plays. The brand is likewise definitely all about fun and happiness and the chosen ambassadors are indeed the epitomeof both---- 
Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto.

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