Friday, June 10, 2016

The Art of Ojiya at COCa

The Art of Ojiya is derived from Khao Tom, which is a break staple in thailand. It is essentially porridge that can either be served plain or with a variety of ingrients. It is a mild and thin soup rice to a vegetable soup with lots of rice. It is made from pre- cooked rice and water seasoned and with other ingredients such as meat, seafood musrhrooms, and vegetables
At COCA, guest are encouraged to end theit hotpot experience with the Ojiya - a deliciious combination of rice slowly cooked in your hotpot broth with sesame oil. Egg, spring onion and fried garli.
No two Ojiyas are ever alike as each takes in the flavor and character of one's personalized hotpot experience.Every Ojiya gives a distinct flavorful experience so whatever hotpot combination is preferred , the Ojiya is definitely in for a warm and comforting finish.

usuallypresented with 2 variations of soup- the Tom Yum, for those whoevprefer their  base with added kick and spice ; and the basic chicken stock, for a more tradional and simple base.Diners may then choose their ingredients to mix in the soup, be ot vegetables and pork or beef
At COCA, OJIYA IS USUALLY PRESENTED WITH 2 variation of soup- the Tom Yum, for those who prefer their base with added kick and spice; and the basic chicken stock, for a more traditional and simple base. Diners may then choosevtheir ingredients to mix in the soup, be it vegetables and pork or beef, chicken, or seafood.
These go well with COCA's
Yang. Chow. Fried Rice. 

Once the diners are comforted by the soup, the remaing ingredients will be mixed with steamed rice and cooked for about 10 to 15 minutes to produce a filling and flavorful cogee. This is The Art of Ojiya

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