Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Forever FRANCIS LIBIRAN BY JDiamond Collection

Known worldwide for his stylish, trailblazing designs, Francis Libiran brings a sumptuos touch to the most important and intimate events in life. Libiran presents a wedding and engagement ring collection for husbands and wives to be that want to celebrate their love in style.

this collection weaves white, yellow, and rose gold with the resplendent allure of high-quality diamonds. With a wide variety of designs that blend the glamour of classic looks with the modern stylishness of minimalist elegance, there is ring in this collection for every couple.
More than a fashion statement, more than a gigt, more than art - a ring embodies a promise of forever made between two people. The collection not only commemorates these treasured moments, but also mirrors the brilliant beauty ot love.
Marian- Marian is a minimalist masterpiece. Distilling elegance into its purest form. 

Brianna- Brianna is a timeless beauty, the quintessential solitaire diamonds mounted on an understated whitebgold band.

Judith- Judith's shimmiering centerpiece is encased in a radiant halo, illuminating the perfection of each and every diamond.

Olivia- A daring take on the two tone ring Olivia's rim is decorated with diamonds in a refined display of exquisiteness.

Isabelle- Audacious gold breathes new life into Isabelle, offsetting the cool elegance of the diamonds with vibrant glamour.

Leah- Leah is a dazzling feast for the eyes, showcasing luminous perfection of diamonds.

Amelia- With the classic loveliness of infinity ring, Amelia weaves radiance with minimalist stylishness.

Amanda Glamour and glitz radiate from the diamonds which further highlight the striking allure aof Amanda's golden overlay.

Beatrice- Beatrice' s stunning white gold grounds the exuberance of the rose and yellow gold frame, resulting of the rose and yellow gold frame, resulting in sophisticated beauty.

Lena- in a Fresj take of understand elegance, Lena sports a smooth white gold band, with the usual exuberant sparkle of diamonds liniing the rim.

Angela- Diamonds stud Angela's band, culminating in the explosion of brilliance with the perfection of the centerpiece diamond.

"A beginning of new life filled with love, hope, and joy"

Located @
2F Greenbelt 5. Makati Avenue 
Makati City Philippines 

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