Saturday, February 21, 2015

Occasions of Joy 5th year Blogversary- The Arts and Craft

The beautiful and sexy Joy-Celebrate 5th years Anniversary for occasions of Joy for her blogging. She choose to  celebrate for her  advocacy's by giving back., She organized a workshop entitled, The Joy in Arts and Crafts at Aquinas School. The Participants of this activities Grades V and VI from different schools.

Khyle and Bryant - from Gregoria Elementary School of Calooca City.

This Group from Kabayanan Elementary School of Mandaluyong City. 
Some of pupils fro Aguinas and Dominican.

 The Art of Decorating Cupcakes under the  couple, Alvin and Jannet Salazar of Funlipix.

Mr. Ricky Quinsay, a.k.a. Jestler The Magician

Joy taught  the kids how to transform potato chips tube, crayon boxes, used envelopes into re-usable items like coin bank, gift box and a lot more in The Art of Recycling.

One of  Guest with their companions PJ Valenciano of Palamuti by PJ, Novie and Steph Lopez of Jewelry and Crafts the children  taught how to make fashion jewelries. 

This Neck Lace and earrings  made by my son Bryant. 

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