Thursday, January 20, 2011


 Role Playing \  Acting ALAMAT ng UNGOY - King and Queen and  the servant, servant places various plates of  food on the table near the king and queen. I am proud  to be the one role playing as a servant, thats I'm doing to my Love ones  I am happy to serve my Family. and to help as I can.
 The King  and Queen
  The Servant
This is the first activity we teach us how to wash their hands
 These are the Kids Scholars.

  We are the Volunteers, The BDJ girls.
 what a coincidence I handle the 4 kids How to wash their hands and how to tooth brush their teeth. I have 4 kids too, 3 girls and 1 boy same like that.

  I am very Thankful because I'm the One who choosen the 15 BDJ girls to be a volunteers of this fabulous and successful event, and that is the biggest gift that I received, because thats my Birthday this is so much mean to me. (SOSYAL OUTREACH ang Birthday ko.) Pangmayaman. Thanks BDJ

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