Saturday, May 26, 2012


After Alta Vista trip we decided to go to LILIW RESORT at Laguna the next day, It's 2 hours travel from Manila we're very excited to see this place in actual, I and Joy were not planning to swim but when it rained we decide to go out the cottage and enjoyed the rain.

I really missed place like this because in my province they have something like his. When I saw post of  Joy in her blog I told to my self "Kelan kaya ako makakarating dito?" and finally narating ko din with my kids. Thanks to JOY and JOHN for the effort na kinakaray karay kami. This place is very relaxing beacuse of its natural beauty.

Kanlurang bukal, LILIW LAGUNA
Tel. 049 563-1123
Telefax 049 563-1188
Contact Ms. Maye
CP num. 09162142529

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