Friday, September 14, 2012

3M revolutionizes floor and surface stripping with “green” pads that need no chemicals

True or False?  The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to remove floor wax and finish residues from floors is to use floor stripping chemicals.

The answer? Maybe. But many popular stripping agents can actually be harmful to human health and the environment because of their strong chemical content. Many of the ingredients believed to help improve our quality of life could in fact threaten our environment. Exposure to chemicals in general -- whether through the skin or the respiratory tract could result in health conditions or diseases over time.

Because of the urgent need to protect the environment and provide safe products for human use, 3M has introduced a revolutionary stripping pad that does not need chemicals to prepare floors for  polishing.

Called Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation Pads (SPP), the revolutionary floor pads require only water, no chemicals, to strip floor surfaces such as PVC tiles, marble, laminated wood and polished concrete, among others. A product of 3M’s Greenovation (short for "green innovation"), the SPP floor pad can deliver the same results as other pads that require chemicals at much less cost. 

Usually, industrial stripping is a long process where the area has to be cleared out, protective clothing and gear worn by cleaners, chemicals spread and applied on the floor, and floors repeatedly rinsed to remove chemical residue. Thus, the stripping of wide spaces such as supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and conference halls can be time-consuming and often has to be done at night also because of the chemical stench that can have possible ill effects on health if continuously inhaled.

But because the 3M SPP can produce the same results using only water or any neutral detergent, the material costs for stripping, long labor hours, and even the process of a floor overhaul are reduced. There is no need to purchase additional chemical strippers. Any worker or volunteer can do the job as the use of the floor pads does not need advanced or special training.

Here’s an even more pleasant surprise. Another factor that makes the 3M SPP unique is that it’s three times more aggressive and six times more durable than other stripping pads at only 2% of the cost. Without the need for using chemicals, the SPP can cover a wider floor space faster and easier for less!

 Best of all, this new 3M Greenovation is safer for both humans and the environment. For more information about 3M SPP, visit

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