Friday, September 14, 2012

The importance of cleaning and treating wounds and cuts ASAP

Children’s boundless energy often leads them to acquire “battle scars” or wounds during play time. Aside from the physical pain, they also have to endure watching their playmates enjoy while they wait for their boo-boos to heal.
Before you let them go back to the playground, make sure that you attend to their cuts and bruises first. If left untreated, the minor wound or scratch can develop infections and can be more painful in the long run, you and your child.
Here are the reasons why you should attend to your child’s cuts or open wounds immediately and keep the wound covered with adhesive bandage:       
1.      You will prevent the bacteria from spreading. Exposing the wound to open air without cleaning it makes it more prone to dirt and germs. This may lead to aggravated conditions such as infection, posing a serious health risk for your child.
 2.      Painful experiences will be lessened. Swelling, oozing. and itching of the wounds are intensified and prolonged if the wound is not attended to. Treating the wound early comforts your child and makes the bad memories of playtime go away. Never let a small wound be the cause of big tears.
 3.      For scar prevention. Children find it very tempting to touch and scratch their wounds, especially when it starts to heal. Covering up the wound from the beginning decreases the likelihood of its scarring and being aggravated. An improved healing process will result in clearer skin, and an earlier return to play.
 4.      Less expenses. Infected wounds may lead to higher expenses for medicines and treatments. In certain cases, your child may even be forced to be absent from school and seek a health care provider. Attend to the trouble while it’s still manageable.
5.      Show your child that you care. When children are in pain, they give you the opportunity to show that you love them. Show them how much you care by attending to their booboo with cheerful bandage strips from Nexcare™ that make them forget the pain and trouble.
 Nexcare™ from 3M has waterproof bandages with fun designs that kids will surely love. They can go out and play, swim and take a bath with them without wetting the wound. From bandages that show Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Princess Jasmine, Nemo and Cars to Mood Faces (Happy, Cool, Star, Angry, Delicious, Cry, Sad, In Love and Flirtatious) to Sweetheart Strips (hearts, hearts and more hearts), kids – and even adults – will forget the pain of the boo-boo. Some may even display the bandage as a badge of courage. Or make a fashion statement with it. There are also Nexcare™ Bandages that come in bright neon colors and camouflage design. For those who like to disguise the wounded area, there’s a plain Invisible Nexcare™ Bandage.
Nexcare products have the 3M seal of quality designed for faster healing and germ protection. For more information about caring for wounds, visit

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