Friday, September 21, 2012


Activity Objective*
     * Attract Potential and qualified candidates to attend the Ayala Land Sales Recruitment Event.
          On September 24, 2012
           @ Glorietta Activity Center 
            Any time between 10 am to 8 pm. 

Position Sales Career with Ayala Land as Unparalleled an opportunity open to every one who wants to live live good live.
             . ALI as leader in full line real estate developments.
             .Strong Partners in Nation Building
              .Create Awareness, Ensure Continued interest, and build pipeline to close hiring requirements.

  Basic Qualifications Omnibus  

Graduate of any 4 year course or about to graduate – pending to graduation ceremony (Advance Hiring) Undergraduate (must have finished at least 84 academic units), Preferably with sales background, strong interpersonal skills, engaging and ability to establish rapport, interactive, highly motivated, goal oriented, a team player,  average – AA communication skills, can relay ideas clearly, average thought organization,  assertive, amenability to Sales Activities such as: Booth Manning, flyering, working on extended hours, leads saturation, and networking.


Passion for Sales* need for income & Recognition*, Ambition/ Aspirations* Competitive Spirit & Independent minded. Sales has unlimited earning potential, reliable organization and system, flexible schedule, financially rewarding career.


Enjoy generous commission, a monthly operating fund or allowance, other cash 
incentives on a monthly and quarterly basis, all expense local and international trips, get gadgets, entertainment showcase, and cars.

Goal Oriented Team Player 

.Can work well with a team

Unique Selling Points 

*Sales has unlimited earnings potential* Flexible Schedule* financially rewarding career*Network* Partner with the Best and most trusted in the industry 


Agent of dreams

                             2012 Campaign 

"Our Property Specialists don't just sell a lifestyle. They live it as well!!"
Being with the best in the industry definitely gives you an edge. at Ayala Land, We make work fun and rewarding so their success comes easy.

      Start living the good life.
                                                 JOIN US NOW.  

                                                     FOR MORE DETAILS

 call:  02-7594064/0915-299318

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