Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Scar Story

I am a mother of five and blessed to have brought these bundles of joy in the world. It was only in my fifth pregnancy that I experienced the pain of giving birth via caesarian section. Because I am nearing 40 and giving birth at this age means putting myself to risk plus the baby in my womb is in breech position, my doctor advised me to give birth by surgical procedure.
At first, I was totally scared. It was my first time to submit myself into a major operation. I knew that I wouldn't feel anything because of general anaesthesia. Post operation would be pain free too because of pain relieving drugs but what scared me most is that, I won't be able to wear fashionable outfit anymore when attending events. At may age, I still wear sexy and hanging clothes. It scared me that this operation might leave a big mark in my tummy and left a scar for life.
So there, I gave birth via caesaria operation. Right after the operation, my doctor prescribed me Contractubex.
HOnestly, I have no stretch marks and never felt insecure having four normal deliveries so after the operation, I consistently used Contractubex for three months. My husband who worked as seafarer abroad was surprised and saw no traces of operation in my tummy when he came home. He was in disbelief seeing no scar at all. He couldn't believe how fast my scar has gone. He even asked me if I really went through with the operation. I knew that he was just kidding, what he meant to say is that, the scar was invisible and looked like I did not go through a major operation.
Now I can hang around with friends in my sexy shirt. I can even wear hanging clothes now. And yes, I might wear bikini when I get back to my sexy built. I gain back my self confidence with Contractubex.
This is my Contractubex story and I have moved on. What's yours?

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