Friday, August 2, 2013

Better dental habits, great dental products will improve the Pinoys’ trademark smile

With a score of 90 points in the Happiness Index, Filipinos are ranked the third happiest people in Asia in 2013 by the Eden Strategy Institute.

Eden said one of the Filipino’s secrets to happiness is their habit of smiling at hardships, and just smiling. Period.

Unfortunately, the Pinoy’s smile – his state of dental health – is least prioritized. Many Pinoys thus sport toothless smiles.

The Pinoy’s state of dental health is further challenged by his frequent eating habits : three meals and two snacks, and a fondness for sweets and carbohydrates, which have caries-promoting properties.

Dr. David M. Roessler, a premiere prosthodontist in Sydney, Australia and speaker in the 104th Philippine Dental Association at SMX Convention last April saideating less often (twice of thrice a day) is healthier for the teeth.

“When you put something in your mouth, whether food or drink, you increase the activity of the bacteria to make teeth decay because you are giving them field to work.  It takes your saliva a couple of hours or more to neutralize everything but if you have a meal every couple of hours, then, it never gets neutralized. It means you up your chances of getting tooth decay.”

Roessler noted that Filipinos are also fond of drinking soda, sipping it off a can, bottle or glass at various times of day. This is a big dental health challenge because the saliva never gets the chance to neutralize the acid inside the mouth. Someone who has the habit of sipping on soda all day makes the situation much worse.

Prevention is always better than cure

The best dental health practice is to have regular dental check-ups. But again, this is one of the most neglected health habits.Dr. Kara Achacoso, 3M ESPE’s Professional Service Analyst said the only time most Pinoys visit the dentist is when they have a toothache.

Dentists must encourage their patients to have regular dental check-ups and educate them about proper dental hygiene, the two doctors recommended. Thankfully, new dental technology and amazing new products now exist, says Dr. David Roessler.Dentists should do well to update themselves likewise about new products and trends in dental care.

Dr. Roessler noted that 3M ESPE Dental Professionals has been committed to provide good oral health care for Filipinos through preventive products against tooth decay such as tooth creams that serve both as toothpaste and tooth decay preventive. 3M ESPE also has premium dental materials created by dental nanofiller technology -- like dental restoratives made out of nanohybrid which gives more resistant and better esthetic restoration. This makes teeth look more natural than ever and as hardy as natural teeth, made possible by 3M ESPE’s patented formula of nanotechnology which has earned it the award for Most Innovative Company in the worldwide dental industry for eight consecutive years.

Dr. Roessler says the 3M dental materials are superior in the field because of 3M’s amazing technology and manufacturing process.“The products undergo a lot of testing and quality control is really good. They are an ethical company that doesn’t just bring products to the market only to make profit.”

Dr. Roeslsler hopes new dental habits from patients, helped along by dentists who provide the best treatment and products to their clients will make Filipinos smile more and show the world that Pinoys truly deserve their high mark in the Happiness Index.

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