Thursday, September 26, 2013

HELP Zamboanga TODAY

Help affected children
in Zamboanga

A one-time donation of P 1,500

can help provide a family of 6 with water and hygiene kits

A one-time donation of P 3,000

can help provide a child-friendly space for 20 children in an evacuation center

A one-time donation of P 5,000

can help provide a temporary learning space good for 50 children

Donate Now

If we raise more money than what is needed for this emergency, funds will be used 

for similar future emergencies.

Zamboanga evacuation center 

On the morning of September 9, 2013, the people of Zamboanga City began fleeing their homes to escape violent conflict. We have all seen the burned houses and the tents which sprung up overnight to house the many displaced residents of this beautiful city. Our thoughts go to the innocent victims caught in the clashes which continue to this day.

More than a hundred thousand people have sought shelter in evacuation centers. Many do not have houses to go back to; 47,000 of them are children. In the Joaquin Enriquez Sports Complex alone, as many as 70,000 people are now staying.

UNICEF has seen the situation and the needs of the children in Zamboanga:
  • Safe water, sanitation facilities and hygiene kits
  • Infant and young child feeding and management of nutritional needs of children must be ensured so that the health of children living in evacuation centers does not deteriorate
  • Temporary learning spaces must be set up so that the more than 12,000 school-age children who have lost their schools can go back to learning as soon as possible
  • Psycho-social support must be provided so children can deal with anxiety and displacement
  • Child-friendly spaces must be established so children can be protected from abuse, exploitaion and violence
Let us bring help to children affected by this conflict. Whatever amount you can spare will go to safeguard their safety, their health and their education.

YOU can help create zones of peace where children can HEAL.

Tomoo Hozumi

Country Representative

UNICEF Philippines

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