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SUCCESS LOUNGE- Unlimited Favorite Dish Everyday

Last Nov. 11, 2013. I and My co bloggers we meet Mr. John Calub at their own Restaurant named Success Lounge. John Calub he wanted the costumer comfortable, while it was there at restobar that makes you wealthier and more prosperous each time when we there, wouldn't you hang out that place often? John Calub, Philippines number one Success Coach, recently opened his newest venture, 

SLI is positioned to become the country's premier business lounge and restobar, a place where positive people can meet, synergize on million peso ideas, do business, relax and have fun. According to John Calub, who has been popularly known to be the country's most sought after motivation speaker and life coach, "This restobar is designed to take those striving for Success in their business and careers to higher levels of achievements"

So how does SLI do exactly that? Mr. Calub has empowered the restobar with unique features that financial literacy, well, spirituality and better relationship are conducted in SLI by well- known gurus and experts in their fields. Another really striking feature in this the music being played in the background while people are dining. mind power experts like John Calub call this kind of music mind enhancement music, whereby the music playing is scientifically engineered with with special rhythmic tones that bring people's brain to a peak performance state called the alpha states.

 What this means is that as stay with in the confines of this restobar, the super learning and creativity centers of your brain are activated thus helping you come up with even brighter ideas for business. In fact, if you decide to read a book or study for an exam while you're inside the restaurant, you'll notice that you'll learn the material more than 10 times faster than you normally do. Lastly the music contains subliminal programming message that are directly embedded in your subconscious mind. These positive messages and affirmations( such as Every way in every away, I am becoming better better and better.", " I am lovingly becoming wealthier each day.",) are installed deep within your subconscious to program you mind to attract more money, become healthier and experience greater success.

It has a 3 day dreamboard  concept. Mr. Calub is known to teach people the success principle that "thoughts become things"  I saw in the restobar's walls have been embellished with scale models of dreams and aspiration so that  people usually strive for such a dream destinations, dream houses, luxury cars, and etc.  in my first impression to saw the display in the wall I thought maybe the owner is a Sea man or working in the ship, but later on when we meet the owner Mr. John Calub explained why they had the cars, luxury ship, houses and different symbols of country's. I am so empress while he explained what's inside in his restobar.

-SLI also provides free high- speed broadband internet access and bountiful electric plugs for those needing to laptop. PDA's and mobile phones . he concerns our health, which is another area of success,    has certain feature that enhances one's well being and physical heath. 

First and foremost are the Himalyan Salt Lamps -distributed around the lounge. These lamps emit negative ions that clean the air we breathe and also removes our stress and take us to a relaxed mood. The drinking water is also alkaline water. As you drink the water, you body's PH level is automatically restored to optimum level of wellness  and vitality.The menu also has a 
section on vegetarian food and fresh fruit juices fortified with superfood powders for heath buffs.

 Lastly, there is also a dial a diet services that the SLI offer, where by you can loss and healthy meals that can be delivered directly to your doorstep on a daily basis. as regards the food and beverage, It carries fusion menu. Food from all major continents are represented in the menu. It's like you travelled to different countries in only one place. that means that you don't have to hop from one resto to another for prefered cuisine. On its upcoming grand launch, SLI will also be incorporating moleculars gastronomy in the menu. Moleculars gastronomy is fast becoming a fad in western countries, whereby science has been combined with food preparation to enhance the flavor of food and make them look for more stunning and sumptuous in appearance. 

On the side, SLI is the first to introduce a Daiquiri Bar. Crushed iced drinks with liquor are served in cool souvenir glasses. One drink from SLI Daiquiri Bar stands out. They call "ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT". Drinkers say that after a glasses, your true self gets revealed you're with!  Many people who look at the logo of SLI wonder why there is a bamboo included. According to Mr. John Calub, the bamboo tree is the tree of success. The Bamboo tree is very resilient. Even in tough weather, it bends but it doesn't break. Doesn't that remind of a very important quality that successful people must have? Also the miracle of bamboo is that when farmers plant them, they don't sprout from the ground until after five years. Then after sprouting, hey suddenly grow to even more than 90 feet in just days! Again, just like success we are reminded that harvesting is in a different season than planting and we have to be patient as we go reach for our dreams. 

The whole restobar incoporates a bamboo theme.The serving dishes are made od the bamboo fiber. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and highly biodegradable. Mr. Calub finds that by using bamboo, the restaurant now has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) feature in place. Success Lounge is the first bamboo restaurant here in Philippines. It also supports not only being green, but also the livelihood of bamboo farmers in ASIA as well. 

We can  also order bamboo food such as BAMBOO SOUP, BAMBUTIDO, BAMBURGER, BAMBOO LUMPIA and there's a lot more. 

They serve their To top it all, SLI is the first to launchin the Philippines UNLIMITED MEALS for only P168.00 That means UNLIMITED RICE NA UNLIMITED ULAM PA! The word SUCCESS with the word UNLIMITED. John Calub decided to take eating to another level by making you eat without limits. The price of P168.00 is taken from the chinese prosperity number - 168. For the unlimited meals, every day a certain viand is served on your plate wit rice, every day a certain viand as much as you want. Viands include Premium T-Bone steak , Boneless Bangus Ala Pobre, US Roasted Beef Belly, Sisig, Grilled Liempo Kare-Kare, Beef Steak, Chicken BBQ, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Hungarian Sausage, Pata tim and more! 


T-Bone steak 

Every gets to eat in very expensive Hermes Plates and gold spoons forks and knives. While eating, a chef and butler is on standby for any special request.

To know which viand is set for the day, simply "LIKE" the SUCCESS LOUNGE INTERNATIONAL face book page. @ www.facebook.com/successloungeinternational
SUCCESS LOUNGE INTERNATIONAL Located in 238 Scout Bayoran Street corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
 Open Monday to Sunday @ 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.
It is soon to open for breakfast and lunch as well. For function, Private parties, feasting and other reservations, you may call @ 351 -43-78

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