Friday, March 7, 2014


 Must be try these different kind of  foods - at LIDO Cosina Tsina 

 Just choose for these flavor- Pineapple juice, Mango Shake, Water Melon and Four Season. 
 My Baby enjoyed water melon shake. 

Sizzling Pugon- Roasted 

3 Cups chicken- It's a lesson in chinese cuisine and history in one enticing bowl.
Camaron Rebosado- discoverits true and authentic taste flavored.
Pugon -Roasted Asado- Try the ever popular.

Drunken lechon  Macao - is pork belly cured 60 hours in premium weekends are for spending quality time with the family

Manchurice Wing - Have been a hit  to Lido dinner ever since its lunch sweet and spicy taste of its ginger oriental sauce.
Lumpiang Shanghai- this is fit for dining specially with our kids.
Steamed Fish- This is good for those who did not eat meat

Steamed Brocoli
Chami Special- which secret lies the special formalation of its noodles. also unlike the common way of cooking  Pancit Guisado where the sauce is simply on top of the cooked noodles, lido simmers its chami in its sauce
Lido fried rice
Pata  Tim- The nostalgic favorite simply mouth wale

LIDO Cocina Tsina - 
by Panciteria LIDO
Located at Banawe cor Delmonte Upper Ground floor 
Z Square Mall

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