Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Hansel Crackers Make It Easier for Any Ocassions!

Lets Go biking this weekend with our best buds. Be sure to bring plenty of water along, and a pack of Hansel Crackers that we can share.

Planning for group study with their classmates or friends. Finger food is easy to make with Hansel Crackers. It's Simple to do it. Make your own Mexican salsa and pair it with your crackers. 

For our "merienda" in the afternoon make it  to share with our friends, love ones specially our kids..

Lets make special with our friends  to spread on top of our Hansel Crackers. 

Start our morning by sharing a pack of Hansel crackers with husband , and enjoying a light conversation over a cup of coffee. 

The manufacturer of Hansel Crackers, Rebisco, began in 1963 as England Biscuit Factory. More than 50 years later, Rebisco continues to make and innovate delicious products for everyone in the Philippines and other parts of the world!

 Try out this make it social combination of salmon and Hansel Crackers!

 Share your favorite combos with us!
 we can share a pack of Hansel Crackers to the one who says it the fastest!
 Share with my Love ones #fundosenangsarapfundosenangsaya

Thinking of an easy snack to enjoy with our friends. How about Hansel Crackers topped with scrambled egg and mayo

 Hansel Crackers topped with corned beef

It’s the weekend, at last! Gather everyone together for a movie marathon at home. Snack on Hansel Crackers with our favorite dips and spreads!
Kariz Anne Dumagsang, our #CrackerCatchin grand winner got her P25,000.

 Carpool with some friends from work and bring along some Hansel Crackers for the road.
 There are 12 in every pack, so we can share them with our friends, too.

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