Saturday, September 17, 2011

BrainFit Press Conference & Cutting of Ribbon !

               An innovative set of learning programs that focuses on Brain Fitness
               is being introduced in the Philippines.  Strong brain fitness builds
               mental foundations needed for life-long learning success and for
               achieving strong academic grades.  With fit brains children find it easier and more enjoyable to learn new things, be it subjects in school, languages, or new skills like ballet or golf.  Along with a sense of accomplishment is higher self-esteem and confidence.  The rest is a happier child. 

The innovative learning programs are designed to specifically address the 5 pillars of cognitive development namely attention & memory, visual, auditory, sensory-motor and social-emotional.   The key principle is that fit brains learn better.

BrainFit Studio believes that the first step towards a healthy brain is via the CognitiveMAPTM assessment to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses across the 5 brain pillars using standard US-qualified testing methodologies.  Based on the findings, appropriate programs are recommended and personalized to each person’s unique abilities.

More than 80% of parents report improvements in their children within 10 weeks.  Many children not only perform better in school but also demonstrated higher self-esteem and greater interest in learning.  

One parent in Singapore, for instance, enrolled her 11-year-old child initially in the SMART Listening program which resulted to improved alertness and better grades.  Aside from continuing with his SMART Listening program, the kid has also taken advantage of the SMART Vision program.

In one computer lab, children facing different learning needs were seated individually, working on customized brain training exercise from SMART Listening. A Brain Fitness specialist hovered attentively at each workstation, ready to assist the children if helped was needed.

In all exercises, there is simultaneous development of skills. For example, one may be working on his 
visual attention, visual spatial sense and muscle co-ordination all at the same time.

Blessing and Cutting of Ribbon 

For inquires, contact BrainFit StudioTM at 725 8500, 0917 5991992 or email us at For inquires, contact BrainFit StudioTM at 725 8500, 0917 5991992 or email us at

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