Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Contractubex: A Happy New Year Means a Happy New YOU!

Are you all set for the New Year ahead?

You may be prepped with your new planner, polka dotted-outfit and good luck charms to welcome 2013, but are you ready to face the coming year? We all have our own stories to tell, about mistakes we’ve made or accidents we’ve encountered – like a slip or an unintentional fall – that have resulted to a few unwanted scars.

It’s time to leave 2012 behind.

Scars are never a pleasant thing. Seeing a mark or flaw on your skin brings you back to the time you fell while wakeboarding in April, tripping on your heels during your birthday dinner in August, or accidentally burning yourself while baking a batch of homemade cookies in October. Some memories may be worth recalling, but any scar left behind is hardly a wanted souvenir. 

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