Friday, March 21, 2014

Best Experienced at Island Cove

At the Lobby

Last March 20, 2014 I was invited by my friend Joy Mendiola to a Bloogers' Tour at Island Cove Leisure Park and Hotel. Although I've been to Island Cove in the past, it was my first time to experience a day tour in the said place. I got the chance to see the whole place, it's surrounding, play area, swimming pool and a host of facilities.
When we arrived at the hotel, breakfast was immediately served, accompanied by the singing of True Colors Band, The food they served were delicious, plus the music  made the ambiance much nicer.

After the breakfast we were divided into two groups, each group with 6 members. 

We went to the different hotel rooms and accommodations.  20% of the rooms are renovated already. The rooms are  newly renovated which makes it more cozy.

Experience to catch the fish at FISHING VILLAGE

When my family first went here, all we did was just swim and sleep. It's good to know that there's a lot of activities we can actually do at Island Cove.
Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park has everything you want in a get-away, such as,  


Feed the monkeys

Lunch was held at the Fishing Village, with none other than owner and Managing Director of Island Cove - Gilbert Remulla.

About Island Cove:

Island cove cooks up the best parties in town. It's delectable cuisine can be enjoyed at the comforts of your own home or the venue of your choice. our affordable menus are tailored to your plate.

Food and Beverage-there are several restaurants to choose from. each well-loved restaurant offers mouth-watering and affordable selections. Delight in Filipino dishes while dining in huts on stilts at the Fishing Village.Pair your cup of coffee with delicious cakes and pastries at the ICafe. Sample international fare at Sangley point Bar and Gril. Enjoy pica-pica at Bayside Live Music & KTV.

Photo off with Chef Jomar

For the Business Meeting- The ICafe, Sangley Point Bar and Grill, and the Fishing Village are all Wi-Fi Zones. The relaxing ambiance of these dining establishment are perfect for casual meetings and Gathering. Making memories in Island Cove,

 Debut- Party the night away with family and friends when our daughter turns eighteen. With a vast network of designers, photographers, and other suppliers, celebrate a milestone in her life with sass and style.

Baptism- Choose among a wide array of backdrops and catering packages to provide a solemn setting for our child's entrance into the Christian world.Make some of our child's earliest memories by celebrating his or her baptism at Island Cove.

Make anniversary memorable, Commemorate your commitment to your partner with a bit more than flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Honor the love that you share by celebrating in the presence of your loved ones at Island Cove. Drink to the past and toast to the future.

Conferences and Seminars - Island Cove has several function rooms with quality audio-visual equipment for meeting and presentations. It also holds an obstacle course and a number of sports amenities, such as basketball and tennis courts and swimming pools, that are perfect for team-building activities.
Adventure- For those with a spirit of adventure, splatter and get splattered at the paintball arena. put on your military game mode at the Airsoft site, and test your endurance at the challenge course. you may also explore the island on a bike or a horse.

Recreation- After a long day of work, swim and slide at Oceaniea Water Park, sing your heart out cat Bayside KTV, or engage in a challenging workout at the FIT CLUB.Sports and facilities for basketball, volley, tennis and fishing are also offered to guests

For inquiries  
Binakayan, Kawit Cavite 
Cavite: 046-434-0210
Makati: 02 810 7878

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